Farewell to the Lord of Laughter; Philip Mar Chrysostom became memory

Philip Mar Chrysostom, the spiritual leader of the Malankara Church, became a great Methropolotha He was 104 years old. He died at a private hospital in Kumbanad at 1.15 am. Following the congenital diseases of old age

The end was at 1.15. He was undergoing treatment for congenital diseases of old age. He was shifted to a private medical college in Thiruvalla due to ill health. Later his condition improved and he returned to Kumbanad where he was leading a leisurely life.

Philip Mar Chrysostom was the oldest metropolita in the world. He turned 104 on April 27. The country has honoured Padma Bhushan with a spiritual master who has made generations laugh and think through his spontaneous humour. Chrysostom the Great Metropolitan has the distinction of having the longest standing position in India. From 1999 to 2007, Mar Chrysostom served as Metropolitan of St. Thomas, the Supreme Patriarch of the Church of St. Thomas. Marthoma has been the Grand Metropolitan since he resigned in 2007 due to physical difficulties


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