This juice is great for good health and skin

Fruits and vegetables help boost your immune system, which is very important nowadays. If you have never thought about experts suggest that one should include colorful foods in one’s diet to stay healthy along with the daily physical activity. t including fresh greens in your morning routine, this is the reason to start it right away.

Ayurveda expert Amrita Kaur explains about a juice that contains fruits and vegetables that are good for one’s health. The special feature is that this juice can be drunk by people of any age. Kaur said that her 42-year-old sister drinks this juice every morning and shared that it helps her to run 21 km without getting tired.

Carrots, beets, sweet lime, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, pure turmeric powder and turmeric are all needed to make the juice. Cut all these into small pieces and beat the juice in a mixer. Kaur commented that this juice is good not only for energy but also for good skin.

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