Want to make sex enjoyable ?; These misconceptions need to be changed

There are generally many doubts among Malayalees about sex. Most people are reluctant to even talk about sex in public. Ignorance about sex life has led to the breakdown of many personal relationships. Ours is a society with many misconceptions about sex. It is these misconceptions that often hold us back from enjoying sex.

Ours is a society that teaches that masturbation is wrong. There are misconceptions and studies about masturbation, including in religious studies. There are those among us who teach that masturbation is bad for our health. But studies show that masturbation can never cause physical problems.

The general belief is that if you have sex during menstruation or in the first days after it, you will not get pregnant. Most women believe this is the safest time to have sex because they are less likely to get pregnant. But that is a misconception. Studies show that there are experiences of pregnancy during this period as well. This is because semen stays in the body for up to seven days after sexual intercourse. If the menstrual cycle changes and ovulation occur earlier, the chances of getting pregnant are higher.

There is also a large section of us who think that using a condom is not satisfying enough for sex. However, using a condom is a very good thing for safer sex. Condom use is the best way to avoid pregnancy and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If you want to have safe sex, you have to make it a habit to use a condom

Most people think that only vaginal intercourse is real sex. But that is a very wrong notion. Loving hugs, kisses, and sexually explicit conversations are important aspects of sexual intercourse. These also include sex. From the first kiss to the last kiss after orgasm, everything is sexual.

Orgasm can often occur through oral sex. It is completely wrong to think that orgasm occurs only through vaginal intercourse. Clitoral stimulation is different in each woman. Stimulation in women is possible in many ways. The person on the other side needs to understand the circumstances under which the partner is having an orgasm

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