Which is the most sexually active place in the female body? Search for G-Spot!

There are many of us who have doubts about sex and find it difficult to ask even those closest to us. That’s why most of us rely on Google to solve our doubts about sex. Do you know what sex-related doubts are when you search on Google like that?

According to a study conducted by Durex Company, a list of Google’s search queries has been published. The most searched place on Google is where is the G-spot that gives the most sexual satisfaction in the female body. Both men and women have searched for it. Many people have sought the help of Google because they could not find the exact location of the G-spot. This is followed by the question, “How do women orgasm?”

Studies show that the G-spot can be easily detected if another person inserts two fingers from the woman’s back into the vagina. The G-spot can be detected by inserting the fingers in and out. In doing so there will be a part that gives the most sexual pleasure. That part is called the G-spot.

The G-spot is located on the inside of the vagina, about two and a half inches below the vaginal opening, near the urethra. It is a group of cells about the size and size of a pea. Only when women are sexually aroused do these cells develop and take the form of beads. Once adequate lubrication has occurred in the vagina of an aroused woman, the G-spot in the shape of a pea can be detected by inserting the middle or index finger (or both) into the vagina.

When the fingers are inserted, it feels like a small area that is rougher and thicker than other parts of the vaginal wall. Sometimes urinary incontinence may occur when the G-spot is stimulated. However, studies show that this can be eliminated within minutes.

Studies show that women get the most sexual pleasure from here. The correct name for the G-spot is the Grofenberg spot. Studies also show that some women experience discomfort through the G-spot.

Google also searched for how the penis can enter a woman’s vagina. This is one of the ten most searched questions. Google also searches for sexually transmitted diseases.

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