Covid Second Wave is more deadly than he thinks; People between the ages of 35 and 55 are more likely to be ill

Covid is moving forward, shattering pandemic expectations. Those who refuse to acknowledge the danger ahead will no doubt be swept away by the invisibly rolling Covid Tsunami. There are a lot of great articles coming out now from people who specialize in this subject. Try to read it all. Only knowledge can prevent this infection. Below is a summary of some of the important points. Read and do what you need to do.


1.Covid – 19 The second wave is more deadly than we think.

2. The transmission capacity of the virus has increased tenfold. Earlier it was spread from one person in a house to 1-2 people and now it is spreading rapidly to all the members of the household. Everyone gets sick all at once.

3. Not only the speed of the virus but also the severity should be considered to have increased. The mortality rate is gradually increasing.

4. The disease was previously found in people over 60 years of age

5. ICU Beds, Ventilators and Oxygen Supply Last year, the Kerala government had prepared ICU beds, ventilators and oxygen supply in excess of what was needed in the face of a major outbreak.

6. But what do we see now? ICU beds fill up fast. The number of patients who need a ventilator is also increasing day by day.

7. If the spread of the disease continues in this manner, no matter how many preparations are made, they will not be enough. Surely you will not get beds in a government hospital or a private hospital

8. A situation may arise in which critical patients may not receive ICU treatment or ventilator assistance in the future.

9. We have a better health system. We have definitely made good preparations. And now preparing in a much better way. All this is true.

10. But if you fail to reduce the number of new infections, all preparations will be in vain. Our systems will not be able to deal with those who are already sick, those who have been infected with the virus in the coming days, and those who are newly sick.

11. Then there is definitely a shortage of oxygen. The beds here are firmly in the budget range. Doctors and nurses may not be able to provide care for everyone. Mass deaths will occur. No doubt about it. Anyone!

12. The reality is that if the disease is not stopped, we will walk to that stage.

Therefore, those in need should take steps to improve treatment facilities and intensify field level activities to reduce the number of infections. That is the basis of everything.

But we have some things to do. They are given below.

1. Those who do not need to go out and stay at home can stay indoors. The less crowded the crowd.

2. Do not lower the mask for any reason. The virus is mainly transmitted when talking without a mask.

3. Avoid all meetings, parties and ceremonies.

4. Do not go to a wedding for the next month. Do not hold a wedding.

5. Do not attend any posthumous ceremony unless the deceased is you / should not bury the deceased. At such ceremonies, all but the corpse spread the disease.

6. Avoid enclosed rooms as tightly as possible. Don’t be.

7. Open the windows and doors of the room where you are sitting. Then the virus cannot stay inside and spread.

8. Do not participate in a rush for any reason

9. Alcohol in the group is a habit that increases the spread of disease. Keep.

10. Eating together in coffee shops and restaurants and talking together can spread the disease to you and spread the disease from you to others. Do not be silent while eating (for a month).

11. Beware of people who think that the virus is grass. If you do not want to go with them to crematoriums with state-of-the-art facilities, stay strictly away from them.

12. Maintain mental health. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you have excessive anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression can not only adversely affect your immune system, but can also be life threatening.

Do so many things in a month with extreme precision. This is not to say that the virus will disappear in a month. This leap of contagion will be contained. Our health system can work most efficiently. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. We do not have to worry about getting sick a month later. If you can reduce the risk of infection, you will definitely have a bed in any hospital even if you are sick. No need to worry about the disease getting worse. Crowded ICUs are ready for you. There will never be a shortage of oxygen. Decide what you want.

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