Covid spreads sharply; Lodges and hostels will be converted into CFLTCs


Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that lodges and hostels will be converted into CFLTCs for first aid in the face of the rising number of Covid victims.

Instructed to give temporary registration to health workers waiting to register with the Medical Council.

Apart from government agencies like KMSCL, Consumerfed and Supplyco, private agencies, NGOs, political parties and foreign-registered Malayalee associations will also be allowed to act as accredited relief agencies.

Relief assistance can be provided to them directly, through government agencies or through Revenue / Health Departments.

Distribute the vaccine ordered by the State Government to 18-45-year-olds depending on the availability. Preference will be given to those with other diseases in this category. Preference will be given to those receiving a second dose in the current vaccine distribution. Preference will also be given to those over the age of 80 who are still on their first dose.

Action will be taken if equipment related to treatment including oximeter is sold at a high price and on the black market.

Final year medical students will also be assigned for treatment in CFLTCs. Other medical students can also be used for ward-level activities.

Utilizing the services of doctors who have recently retired from government service is also under consideration.

ഉടൻ Immediate action to make the vaccine available to all the employees of the offices working in the essential services sector including Govt. Press.

Ernakulam: 74 panchayats will be closed

Out of the total 82 panchayats in Kochi and Ernakulam districts, 74 panchayats have been closed due to the spread of Kovid. Strict restrictions will come into force here with the declaration of Containment Zones. These are the panchayats where the test positivity rate is above 25 percent.

With the increase in the number of patients, there is a delay in getting beds in hospitals. Up to 500 patients are on the weight list

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