Covid third wave; Notices issued by the Center and some things to remember …

The second wave of the Covid epidemic is sweeping the country. We have seen in many states that even Covid patients who could have been saved through treatment have succumbed to death due to the severe crisis in the health sector. Many patients lost their lives due to a lack of oxygen alone.

The lack of vacancies in the emergency departments of hospitals and the lack of adequate ventilator and other facilities have given us a major setback. The situation is exacerbated by the uncontrolled increase in the number of covid patients. Meanwhile, the Center is now predicting the third wave of covid in the country.

This news is causing us great concern. Here are some things to know at this stage.

Genetically modified viruses are currently the most common cause of disease in the country. Of these, the spread of the UK virus is declining. At the same time, the ‘double mutant’ virus found in India is spreading significantly. Experts point out that these viruses have a greater ability to spread the disease than other viruses. So if you do not pay attention, things may go awry again in the coming days. The centre also said that new variants of the virus may still be subject to change.

In addition to hinting at the possibility of a third wave, the centre has also announced something important about the wax. The centre said that since genetically modified viruses are currently spreading in the country, Vaccine needs to be renewed to develop resistance against them. Many studies have previously shown that currently available vaccines are limited in their ability to fight many mutated viruses.

In many states, hospitals are already overcrowded. At the same time, the shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders was substantial. The possibility of these conditions escalating is also being assessed. If that happened then we would all be in for a rude awakening in the US, even in the developed world. Remember, India is not a developed country like the US.

The lockdown may be announced in the coming days. No big details have been officially released yet. The Center has said that it has now issued specific instructions to all the states. Health experts remind us that if a lockdown is announced, we must fully cooperate with it.

Events, where people congregate, are currently subject to strict restrictions. In addition, health experts recommend that individuals be vigilant in this regard. They are also reminded to look at and deal with situations similar to lockdowns. You can only go out in case of an emergency. Be sure to wear a double mask when going out.



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