Porridge water for hair health; Use it this way

We drink porridge to quench our thirst. How many people know that porridge water can be used effectively for hair care. Experts say that using porridge water is good for keeping hair healthy. Rice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals


Rice is also rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin B complex and vitamin E.

Porridge water is also an excellent conditioner. It makes the hair healthy and shiny.

Let’s see how porridge water can be used for hair health.

  • Put the porridge in a bottle of water and seal well. The next day add water to it. Then add four drops of lavender oil and mix well. Then wash your hair with this water. This will help prevent dandruff and fungus problems
  • First, fry the curry leaves and mint well. Add three glasses of porridge water and wash your hair. It is good for hair growth.
  • Add a little fenugreek to the porridge and wash the hair. This hair pack can be applied three or four times a week. This will help in reducing hair loss and dandruff.

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