You can be a Manju Warrier …

Our Lady Superstar, even when you remember that horseradish smile comes to mind. The acting and drama talent that we got without unexpectedly retreating when we were shining in the abrasions. Described as a phoenix, the star is also a role model for women. If Manju is a smiling face, then come to us. The direct view of saying that if you laugh sincerely, that smile will show even in your eyes.

Her attractiveness gets younger and more beautiful with age. It can be said that even seeing Manju gives confidence to every woman. Many women may wonder how this woman has always been. She is also a woman who gives confidence to many. Someone who can be highlighted as an icon for women.


Manju is one of the best role models for middle-aged women. We can find the solution if we think of the things that are preventing us from becoming Manju. Women often lose self-care after the age of one. Many people complain that they do not have time when they are busy at home and take care of their family members. There are a lot of people who are not so old and wondering why. This will make you look in your 30s, 40s, and 50s without protecting your health, body, and beauty. Many women live a lean body and self-esteem without exercise.

If it costs you

But the fact is that you can stay healthy, beautiful, and confident at any age if you spend at least one hour out of a total of 24 hours with a little effort. The first thing you need to do is learn to love yourself. Find time for yourself to be loved and cared for.

There is a basis for saying that body beauty and our self-confidence are interrelated. Lack of body beauty can make us less confident. This is why a good diet, attention, and exercise are important. It is also very important that it provides good health. After marriage, your whole life is changed, you are finished, change your mindset like why now. Life can be recaptured at any time. Let us take care of ourselves

Don’t give up on things you like. It can be recaptured, if it has been left untouched at least occasionally at any age. Take age as just a number, as many say. Concentrate on things you love. It could be art, or it could be something else. It may be difficult to find time for this at home. but if you find some time this will change your body and life

Mindfulness like this is just as important as the body. Life is, there will be stress and tension. All of this should be able to be taken as a part of life. Otherwise, if we dwell on it or lose our lives and grieve over it, life will go one way and we will go the other way. It can be said that life goes hand in hand. So don’t let life slip out of our hands. We have to hold on to that life and live that life without incurring other losses. We can achieve the magic of turning losses into gains with our willpower. Our Lady Superstar is the best example of that. Every woman and man should think that our success is in doing what we like. Move with the conviction that this world is ours and ours too. Remember that we must define not only sacrifice but also our own desires

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