Anal sex: These are the things to look out for

Doubts and misconceptions about sex abound among partners. There are no such strict rules for sex. But the interests of the partner and the mutual complete submission are important

There are many doubts about sex positions between partners. One of the most suspicious of these is anal sex. There is nothing wrong with engaging in anal sex if both partners are interested. But there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s see what they are.

Is it painful – anal sex causes pain for many women‌. According to the British Medical Journal, anal sex is painful for most women. There are those who describe anal sex as painful and unnatural sex. But both partners can have anal sex if they are interested. Speed ​​and strength are important in sex. But fast is not important in anal sex. It should be done very slowly with the understanding of the partner.

Lubrication- Unlike the vagina, there is no lubrication in the rectum. The way to do this is by using lubricants. It is best to use water based lubricants. Deep penetration is sure to cause pain during anal sex.

Orgasm- The fact is that orgasm can occur in anal sex as well as vaginal intercourse. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the risk of orgasm is higher during anal sex.

Don’t do it in the first place – don’t think that anal sex is something that can be done quickly in a day. It should take very slow time to get down to it. The essence is that you need to understand the partner very slowly.

Hygiene – Never try to have vaginal sex after anal sex. No matter how clean it is, there will still be feces in the rectum. So never insert the penis into the vagina after anal sex.

Problems in the future – It has been found that women who have regular anal sex may have problems with bowel movements in the future.

Sexually Transmitted Infections – Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) are more likely to be transmitted during anal sex. The skin on the anus is very soft. Therefore, the risk of infection is high.

Wounds – Anal sex is more likely to cause injuries due to lack of lubrication. So bacteria can enter the body quickly through these wounds.

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