Danger if saliva is used as a lubricant


Lack of adequate lubricant is a sign of sexual dysfunction. This can make sex painful and make sex less enjoyable for both of you. Lack of adequate lubrication can be due to a lack of foreplay, uninteresting sex, and partner fatigue.

Many people rely on synthetic lubricants when lubrication is low. There are also those who use saliva as a lubricant. Doctors warn that this is a dangerous trend. Especially if the partner has some kind of infection in the throat or mouth. Saliva contains a variety of bacteria and viruses. What if these come in direct contact with private parts?

Never use saliva as a lubricant even if you no longer have any type of infection. This is because saliva germs can cause yeast infections in the private parts. Salivary glands can transmit everything from genital herpes to gonorrhoea. Partners decide to use regular lubricant when there is dryness in the vagina. But remember that saliva does not have the lubrication required for a lubricant. And dries quickly. So the next time you think about lubricant, buy and try a good type of lubricant as prescribed by your doctor.

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