For the first time the death toll has crossed 4,000 In India

New Delhi: For the first time since the spread of covid in the country, the death toll has crossed 4,000. A total of 4,187 people died of covid infection yesterday. 4,01,078 cases were confirmed. With this, the number of covid confirmed people in the country has increased to 2,18,92,676 so far.

So far 2,38,270 deaths have been reported. 3,18,609 people were cured in the last 24 hours. So far 1,79,30,960 people have been cured. There are currently 37,23,446 people in treatment. So far 16,73,46,544 people have been vaccinated.

The majority of covid patients are from Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

With the outbreak of infection, various states have tightened controls. States like Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu have announced lockdowns. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh had extended the restrictions.

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