‘Love and care for one another is greater than anything else’; Congratulations to Ashwin and Rekha

Congratulations to the volunteers who rode their bikes without waiting when the ambulance was late to take the paralyzed patient to the hospital at covid Domicileri in Punnapra. Ashwin and Rekha, DYFI workers, woke up to find the patient paralyzed when they arrived for food distribution as usual at the Domestic Center.

Chief Minister Pinarayi congratulated the two. The CM said that he appreciated the youth who worked hard for the opportunity. Thomas Isaac, Kadakampally Surendran and DYFI State Secretary AA Rahim were among those who lauded the duo on social media.

Isaac said that Ashwin and Rekha, who thought it would be better to get to the hospital at least a minute before the patient was paralyzed, would excite everyone. Kadakampally’s note was a greeting to his beloved Rekha and Ashwin. Rahim said that they were showing that the virtues have not faded and that love and care for the other is greater than anything else. Most of the posts on social media are in praise of the two who woke up as a living being.

Meanwhile, the district collector and the DMO gave contradictory explanations for the delay in the ambulance at covid Domicileri in Punnapra. The collector and the DMO said no one was notified that the patient had been taken away just before the ambulance arrived. The patient did not receive an ambulance when it was stipulated that an ambulance should be provided on time, including for patients under home observation. He was rushed to the Co-operative Hospital and later to the Alappuzha General Hospital where doctors said his condition was “satisfactory”.

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