No baby boom; Covid is reducing birth rates around the world

Following covid, many countries around the world announced a complete lockdown last year. It was thought that with the closure of many homes during this period, the population would increase and a baby boom could be expected in the coming years. But the opposite is true, and statistics show that birth rates have plummeted in many countries since covid.

Birth rates throughout the United States have dropped for the sixth year in a row. Government sources say the covid epidemic has accelerated this fall. Many women have decided not to get pregnant for the time being after covid. In December 2020, the birth rate was 8% lower than the same period the previous year. By 2020, the birth rate was down about 4 percent. In 2020, there were 360,5201 births in the United States. This is the lowest number since 1979.

Birth rates throughout the United States have dropped dramatically already, including in France, China and Italy. Registration of newborns in China is down 15 percent. Birth rates throughout Italy have dropped by 22 percent in 15 cities. The situation is similar in Japan. France, on the other hand, has the lowest birth rate since World War II. Doctors say hospital deliveries are not as high in India as they were before the epidemic. At the same time, doctors point out that there has been an increase in the number of abortions.

The impact of the epidemic on the economy is also reflected in the birth rate. As incomes increase, people think about family development and decide to reduce the number of children when income and job losses occur. Health concerns may also have contributed to the decline in birth rates. Complications of covid pregnancy in pregnant women and unborn babies may have led the couple to decide that having children is enough later.

This is not the first time crises like the epidemic have reduced birth rates. The Spanish flu of 1918-19 and the recession of 2008 have already reduced birth rates in many countries. The declining birth rate and the fact that more people are dying due to covid are leading the world to another demographic crisis. This is likely to significantly affect the employment potential of countries in the coming years. As a result, many countries have already begun efforts to raise the birth rate. Some countries, such as the United States and Singapore, have announced child tax credits and allowances to encourage childbearing.

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