The pain of words is more deadly than physical abuse; What you need to know about family relationships

The strength of family relationships goes beyond the mutual love, cooperation, and care between husband and wife. But in many cases, women have to live with the silence of men and the ridicule of family members. Even though the pain is contained, there is a smile on the face of the family.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, passed by the Indian Parliament in October 2006.

“Emotional or psychological abuse which has been categorized as verbal is explained as to include – insults, ridicule, humiliation, name-calling, and insults.”

Mental/emotional abuse is sometimes more deadly than physical abuse. Speaking in a derogatory manner, showing contempt in front of others, insulting, mocking, showing off as a fool, and speaking in a defamatory manner all come under emotional persecution.

Harassment of a life partner is a very primitive and vile act. If a partner has been beaten or physically abused at least once, that person has lost the right to love or be loved.

In the same way, speaking in a defamatory manner are facts that should be viewed as criminal.

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