Why scatter roses in bed on the first night?

The first night comes to mind when you see a bed adorned with rose petals. The mattress with rose petals, the fruit basket on the table and the bride with a glass of milk all come to mind like a scene from a movie. Then let me say something else.


There are some connections between these rose flowers and the first night .Let’s see what it is. Although it is a bit pink, the benefits of rose flowers have been scientifically proven.

The wedding day is also a day of tension. Then the bride and groom enter the room on the first night with those tensions. These flowers are a medicine to make them relax. It is said that rose petals have the ability to relieve stress and soothe you.

This rose scent is perfect for creating a good romance mood. They can soothe and cool people’s thoughts. This is why roses are used even in aromatherapy.

The scent of rose water can arouse both men and women. In other words, flowers are just as important as the milk glass on the first night. Also, when you see red roses, you will not be thrilled. Red roses are also the color of love.

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