You can lose weight by eating eggs; Control Diabetes And Fatty Liver!

You can lose weight in ten days by eating four eggs a day. Eat two eggs in the morning and one each in the afternoon and at night. It can be eaten with toran, a salad made with vegetables and nuts like peanuts. Special care should be taken to avoid potato varieties and carbohydrate-rich rice and wheat foods completely. Beans, beans and yoghurt can be used instead. Occasionally you can add uncooked or grilled beef, chicken and fish.

This diet may not be beneficial for everyone. People with acidity, allergies and heart disease are advised not to take this diet. Take only as directed by your regular doctor. If you try the diet for the first three days and find no other problems, you can continue for ten days. In case of diarrhoea, the diet can be resumed after three days and after a break of one or two days. If you follow this diet properly, you will lose at least four to seven kilos in ten days. Not only this, with the help of this diet you can not only lose weight but also reduce the risk of diabetes, fatty liver, thyroid and uterine tumours.


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