Infections on the rise in the police too; No security and no quarantine: Crisis

As the lockdown duty to arrest covid goes on, the number of infected people in the police force also increases. Covid is currently being treated by about 1,200 police officers. With thousands of people on the quarantine, many stations are struggling to find people on duty. But the army also complained that it was not given enough consideration in preparing security arrangements.
The police have been on restless duty since covid’s first arrival. Although there was some relief in between, with the start of the second lockdown in the second wave, Police army was on the road day and night. But covid says the number of police officers who fall ill every day is also shaking the frontline police force. 1197 policemen are currently ill. Of these, 940 are on station duty. In addition, 712 people are on the quarantine. That means about 2,000 police officers are unable to come to work due to illness and quarantine.
There is concern that the spread of the disease may be exacerbated by the increase in unsustainable work. Complaints that there are no security measures or duty arrangements to avoid it are widespread. It is also alleged that quarantine is not allowed even for those who have been in contact with infected people. Therefore, a petition was submitted to the DGP of the Police Association requesting that the quarantine be allowed properly and that the duty be arranged in three shifts and that the security arrangements including the mask and face shield be properly prepared.

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