Sameera Reddy reveals about her postpartum depression

Sameera Reddy is an actress who has won applause for revealing her views. Now, Sameera has shared her experiences after becoming a mother on Mother’s Day. Sameera’s open letter was posted on Instagram.
Actor said she had postpartum depression after giving birth and had been suffering from depression for about a year.
After 9 months my weight increased to 105kg. The moment I got my son in my arms, that was the day I should actually be happy. But I could not do that. Postpartum depression had gripped me. My husband Akshay stood by me with all the support at that time. I still remember, Akshay’s mother asked. The baby is very healthy and Akshay stands by everything. I felt guilty that I could not be happy for my son, “said Sameera.

Actress is now leading a happy healthy life, she recently recovered covid.

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