Covid OP Should start; Government to more private hospitals

Thiruvananthapuram: Covid OP has been shifted to more private hospitals due to the high incidence of covid. The government suggested starting. Fever clinics in government hospitals should be converted into Covid OPs. Inpatients should be provided with oxygen facilities in their homes in case of covid infection.

All government hospitals must give priority to covid treatment by May 31. In addition, only cases of an emergency nature such as an accident should be accepted. Covid treatment facilities should be set up in more private hospitals. ICU Beds should be raised by 50 percent to provide oxygen facilities. Lab facilities and medicines should be set up.

Oxygen beds should be provided in all taluk hospitals. Ventilators should be installed in at least five beds. CSLTCs should be associated with taluk hospitals.

Necessary steroids and medications should be stored at primary health centers, family health centers, and other hospitals. The telemedicine department should be vigilant in assessing the health status of those being monitored at home.

The orders also state that gloves, P.P.E kit, N-95 mask, and face shield must be in order.

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