Rekha P Mol who shifted patient on bike files complaint against Sreejith Panickar

Thiruvananthapuram: Volunteer Rekha P Mol has lodged a complaint against Sreejith Panicker with the Alappuzha Punnapra Police. The complaint is based on the Facebook post of Sreejith Panicker in the incident where the Covid patient was taken to the medical college by bike. Rekha and Ashwin Kunjumon, volunteers at the Punnapra Domicilia Center, rushed the patient to the hospital on a bike to save his life. The complaint is based on a post by Sreejith Panicker mocking this.

“We were driven to such an adventure by the fear that the patient would not be alive if we waited 10 minutes for the ambulance to run away – Rekha responded

It’s easy to call anything from the AC room. We do everything at risk. Sreejith Panicker’s statement is an insult to all women who come forward to volunteer. Ours is a rural area. Trusting us, parents leave their children at home to volunteer.

They will be worried about whether he will say the same about the children in his house tomorrow. Sreejith Panicker’s statement has shattered the morale of the volunteers who support Kerala today. That’s why I decided to file a complaint against the post, “the Rekha added.

The incident took place at the DCC center in Alappuzha Punnapra panchayath on Friday morning. DYFI members Ashwin Kunjumon and Rekha arrived in Covid to deliver food to the patients as part of voluntary activities under the panchayat. It was during this time that a patient suddenly became short of breath.

Volunteers at the center immediately informed the ambulance, but it took about 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. At that moment, people from all walks of life, including the Chief Minister, praised her work, realizing that if she had waited for an ambulance, the patient’s life would have been lost.

Meanwhile, in Sreejith Panicker’s Facebook post he teases bike ambulance is more efficient and convenient than other modes of patient conveyance on Indian roads. fewer fuel prices, less maintenance, more nature conservation, more vehicle access to the emergency room. There has been a case of a patient being raped in an ambulance, but there is no chance of that on the bike.

Meanwhile, following the reaction of Sreejith Panicker, a section of social media has started a campaign asking the media not to include him in the channel discussions. Sreejith Panicker has said that some left observers will stay away from the discussions. Dr. Premkumar and Reshmitha Ramachandran have already stated that they will not participate in the discussions with Sreejith.

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