The Growing fatigue with work from home; Work from home; advantages and disadvantages

There is no rush to catch the train and bus. There is no traffic block on the way. There is no fear of catching Covid during the journey. For a variety of reasons, the work-from-home work ethic has long been widely accepted by both parties. Companies are also happy with the low cost of various items such as electricity and rent.

But many have turned the work-from-home into a work-from-bed. Wake up in the morning. Pour a little water on the face. He came back to bed with a cup of tea and started working. This is now the work-from-home habit of many. Even the occasional meal was in bed. But there are some dangers hidden in making the couch your office space like this. This can seriously affect your mental and physical health.

Sitting and working on the same floor all day is detrimental to your health. If it’s in bed, things will get worse. The dangers posed by the work from bed are as follows:

Decreased sleep quality

Our mind remembers certain actions in relation to certain places. A bed to sleep on and a table to work on. When the order of these places goes wrong the mind itself becomes a total mess. That left mind will be connected to work while sitting on the couch, working, reading and watching movies. Your mind will make the bed a place to stay awake and alert. So the quality of sleep will be affected while lying in bed

The neck and shoulders get work

You may not be able to sit up well and work while sitting on the couch. It can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Many people work in bed with their backs turned and tilted. This can also lead to many physical problems

It can affect your mood

While sitting on the couch and working, many people close their windows and curtains and sit in low light. Working in a place where there is no good sunlight can reduce your energy level and ruin your work mood. The dim light in the room can strain the eyes and make you sleepy.

Will affect productivity

Sitting in an office environment can help you work harder and be more productive. But those who spend most of their time in bed at home are likely to be reluctant to even get up from there to take a shower. This will make them lazy, sleepy and less productive.


Not going out of the house may save you from the covid. But sitting still in bed can lead to many other diseases. According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who sit for more than 6 hours a day are more likely to die of heart disease, cancer and kidney disease. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain and other illnesses.

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