Sunny Leone in Kerala; Sunny with post

Sunny Leone is a star who has fans all over the world. Especially in Kerala. The star’s journey and other news are always discussed on social media. Sunny was in Thiruvananthapuram for about a month, for a Tv Show.

Many pictures and videos were circulated around Poovar Island, where Sunny lived at the time. After that, Sunny is back in Kerala. Now Sunny describes what happened in the lockdown here. Fans are eager to know where Sunny is

Sunny Leone posted on Mother’s Day with her husband and children in the hills of Kerala. Sunny says she’s been in the lockdown all day but they’re beautiful together. Sunny thanked Daniel for that


It is learned that Sunny is in Munnar. Lots of people are commenting on where. The video taken by some people who saw Sunny here is spreading on social media


Sunny Leone’s picture taken when she arrived in Kerala

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