The freshness of the face can be restored; Try this face glowing technique

The whole face is withered due to acne, scars, and dryness. Need a quick refresh. Have you ever wondered if there is any natural way that can be applied in such situations? If so, there is a technique that such people can try. If all three objects have 20 minutes, let’s see what that face-glowing technique is.

Items required

A well-ripened orange, honey, and sugar

How to prepare

Cut the ripe oranges in half and set them aside. Then put some sugar in a bowl and dip the orange in it. Pour each teaspoon of honey on top of each room orange. Now rub well around the face and neck in a circle with these oranges. Gently rub on the face and neck for ten minutes, then allow the juice to soak into the face for the next ten minutes. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Doing so has many benefits for the skin. Orange is a good cleansing agent as well as a whitening agent. This removes dark spots on the face exposed to sunlight.

Sugar is a very good scrubber. It does not cause rashes like other scrubs as it melts as you rub it on your face.

Honey is a moisturizer that can be used on any skin type. Honey is good for cleansing and brightening the skin.

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