The second wave of covid-19 is likely to reach its peak in India in June

The number of covid cases in the country is increasing day by day. Many states, including Kerala, have already announced full lockdowns. Meanwhile, experts have warned that the second wave of covid will reach its peak in the country by June.

But in states like Maharashtra, the CLCA, a foreign brokerage investment group, predicts that the second wave of covid will reach its peak by mid-May. This may also lead to some relaxation in the lockdown here. Along with this, the CLCA hopes that with the spread of vaccination, investors’ fears will be alleviated to some extent.

Four months have passed since the second wave of covid in Maharashtra. But the CLCA study shows that other parts of India are 70 days behind. Due to this, the second wave of Kovid in Maharashtra will soon reach its peak and the cases will start declining.

Only 1.7 percent of the population in India has so far received both doses of the covid vaccine. According to the CLCA report, only 20 percent of the total population is tested in the country. As a result, many cases go unreported. 

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