The sight of the ‘Starlink train’ frightening people

The launch of the American company SpaceX’s space internet project, the StarLink satellite, has been in the news for the past few months. SpaceX has successfully launched more than a thousand satellites as part of a plan to launch 12,000 satellites and provide high-speed Internet access anywhere on Earth. But the launch of such a large number of satellites is often of concern to Earthlings. One such incident was reported from Turkey yesterday.

Strange lights in the sky have been the most talked-about topic among Twitter users in Turkey in recent days. Pictures of such glittering objects were copied and posted on social media. At least some of these people thought that aliens were coming to Earth. Others even thought that part of the Chinese rocket was going to fall to the ground.

Dozens of flying objects were spotted here on Thursday evening. Many people came out with cameras to record the extraordinary scene. They shared videos and pictures of those objects on social media platforms. This created more curiosity among the people.

As the talks spread, the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology came to the scene to put an end to all speculations. The event also featured images of SpaceX’s satellite link, the satellite Internet galaxy.

SpaceX’s satellites are currently at a height that can be seen with the naked eye. Many people have taken pictures of these satellites going in the form of a train in the sky and posted them on social media. But the basis for the new concern is that these satellites are brighter than expected and that this is disturbing even astronomical observations.

Darren Bask, of the University of Sussex, among others, said the satellites were visible to telescopes and planets and light-years away from Earth. Existing satellites themselves are often a nuisance to astronomers.

Astronomers take many pictures with prolonged exposure using modern telescopes. This is to get maximum light. The filming can take anywhere from minutes to hours. In the meantime, if satellites appear on the side of the image, it will be equivalent to destroying the image itself.

Universal observers can detect the presence of gases on planets from clear images of stellar communities beyond light-years. This is made possible by the presence of colors in the images. If bright satellites appear in these images, it will adversely affect the end result.

There are currently about 5,000 man-made satellites orbiting the Earth. Of these, only about two thousand are operational. The rest can be classified as space debris. The Starlink satellite project will launch 12,000 satellites. It also raised concerns that it would increase space pollution.


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