Woman Claims She Has Been Kidnapped by Aliens 52 Times, Says Marks on Her Body Prove It!

All the news about aliens is always interesting. UFO and aliens are a phenomenon that humans are always curious about. Now a 50-year-old woman has come up with a bizarre argument. Paula Smith, a British woman, says she has been abducted 52 times by aliens.

The woman, grandmother-of-two, revealed that aliens took her on a UFO and showed her all kinds of new technologies–including ‘touch screen devices’ even before they were invented on our planet. “I saw touch screen devices before they were even out. I was on a craft and the aliens showed me technology we didn’t have. They showed me a slideshow of pristine scenery which had a beautiful river that then turned black. The blue sky went blood red and I soon realized it was a movie of the earth being destroyed through man’s greed,” she said.

For people not willing to believe her, Paula shared photos of bruises which according to her were left on her body by aliens after they abducted her.

As for why she didn’t speak up before, Paula said she’s ‘kept quiet’ about the alien encounters for most of her life as she believed people would think she was ‘crazy’.

Millions of people may have had experiences like what happened to him. They also said that they did not speak out of fear of the outside world. Paula also shared some pictures of UFOs she captured from a distance. The first kidnapping took place in 1982.

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