Farmers engaged in sowing maize

Farmers of the sub-division’s hilly areas are seen sowing the fields these days. Farmers from far-off areas can be seen plowing with oxen and planting maize when there is favorable moisture in the ground after rains in many areas.
Farmer Bansi Lal of Malhar region said that these days the weather is very favorable for planting maize crops. Farmer Dharam Chand said that for the last three-four days, there have been continuous rains in the hilly areas due to which there has been a lot of moisture in the land. Farmer Bishambar Das said that after 1 week most of the farmers will complete the work of planting maize crop.

It is worth noting that most of the farmers in the hilly areas sow the traditional way by connecting the plow with the oxen as many types of farming-related resources are not able to reach the areas due to the remote area. At the same time, there is no irrigation system in most areas. Most farmers depend on rainwater to plant crops. Farmers of hilly areas have demanded from the government that in areas where irrigation is not provided by the government, irrigation should be made at the earliest in those areas.

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