First 3D print House in Europe

Residents arrived at the first house in Europe built entirely with 3D printing. The house was built in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Elise Luts and Harry Ducker are a couple who live here.

At first glance, the house looks like a huge boulder with windows and doors. The total area is 1011 square feet. The house has two bedrooms. From the outside, it’s different from normal homes, but the interior is the same as any other home.

Concrete is filled in several layers, one on top of the other, using a printing tool. The main feature of 3D printed houses is that they can reduce construction time and cost. Concrete is not wasted at all as it is made with machine. Given the population growth in the Netherlands, it is estimated that thousands of homes will be needed within a decade. In this case 3D printed houses are more likely.

The interior and exterior walls of the house have a rough texture. The construction company claims that it took only 120 hours to build the house.

Currently, only single storey houses are built with 3D printing. But builders are hoping to build multi-storey homes in the future. Elise and Harry have been renting the house for six months. The monthly rent is Rs 72 lakh.

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