Rekha-Imran Khan romance on the verge of marriage

Bollywood and cricket have a very close relationship. The love and marriage between cricketers and Bollywood stars is often in the news. According to some media reports at the time, Rekha and Imran Khan were on the list of the couple who fell in love and got married.

According to reports, Rekha and Imran were on the verge of marriage. Discussions about this love affair started when an old news related to it became active on social media again. Today, Imran Khan is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Rekha is also a legendary Bollywood star.

The incident took place when Imran Khan was the captain of the Pakistan team. Imran Khan’s name has filled the gossip columns with many women in the past. But reports from the time say that Rekha’s mother had even approved of the relationship and that she had met an astrologer for the wedding.

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