Rocket attack during video call with husband; Kerala women dies in Israel

Cheruthoni: Santosh is shocked to see his wife swallowing smoke on the mobile screen in her hand. Soumya, the wife of Kanjiranthanam Santosh, a native of Idukki Keerithode, was killed in a rocket attack in Israel yesterday. The rocket landed on the roof of the house where Soumya worked as a caretaker.

A few moments before that, Soumya called Santosh on a WhatsApp call. Soumya said there was a commotion outside and the bomb was falling. He spoke with fear and weeping. Soumya said she was going to the bunker inside the house with the elderly woman she was caring for and did not know when to call anymore.

While talking on the video call, something suddenly fell on near Soumya with a loud noise. Santosh could only see that and some smoke on the screen. Then the phone turned off. Didn’t get a call back.

About an hour later, Santosh’s sister Shirley, who works in Ashkelon, Gaza, Israel, called home to report the accident. Soumya came home 2 years ago and went back. Although it was due this year, Soumya remained in Israel after Kovid.

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