Son-in-law who built a ‘coffin house’ out of anger at his father-in-law; Today the building is world famous

Some houses have been built to the shape of the shoes of huge ships and aircraft. But a house in Brixham, England, is different. The house is built in the shape of a coffin. But on the outside, it looks like a coffin. The shape becomes clear when you sit in the sitting room inside.

This house is not just built for the difference. There is a love story behind it. It all started with a father and daughter arguing over their daughter’s boyfriend. The father, who did not like the man his daughter wanted to marry, strongly opposed their marriage. The father said that it was better to see his daughter in a coffin than to live with him. Knowing this, the lover soon built a house in the shape of a coffin. So the differences were forgotten and the father allowed the couple to get married.

The house was built in 1761. The house has four floors. Each room looks different because it is in the shape of a coffin. For over two centuries, the house has been used as a shop and restaurant selling sheepskin and clocks. It has also been operating as a spiritual store for over a decade. The ground floor serves as the sales center. Facilities including three bedrooms are upstairs.

Although the house is generally narrow, each room is designed to provide adequate space. Other amenities include a dining area, kitchen, and terrace. Many windows are arranged so that the views of the city can be seen. The house, which is famous for its unique design, was recently sold for Rs 4 crore 19 lakh.

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