You can see the Taj Mahal at home on this festive day

During the festive seasons like Eid and Onam, a short trip is also a regular feature of the Malayalees. However, like last year, the Eid al-Fitr celebrations have to be held at home.

Google has made it possible for those who have lost their travels to see different views of the world with a virtual reality system. Google now includes more travel-related resources at

Launched in 2011, the Iowa website includes historical sites from last year. It also includes virtual tours of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Taj Mahal in Iowa.

These can be viewed by visiting the website and clicking on the ‘UNESCO World Heritage’ menu. It offers a variety of views, including 360 degree and street view images of the Taj Mahal. Two virtual tours of the Taj Mahal can be found in the ‘A Shrine to Love’ section. Virtual tours of the Taj Mahal: A Tour from the Top and The Wonder that is Taj lead to amazing views of the wonders of the world.

Here you can experience all the features of the Taj Mahal like never before. Those who visit Agra directly will be amazed by the sights. It also includes facts, history, and early paintings about the Iowa Wonder Monument.

The Explore UNESCO World Heritage Library offers a variety of virtual tours, including temples in Indonesia and monasteries in Portugal. Tourism and cultural activities have come to a standstill due to covid. To make up for this, Google is working with UNESCO to make the website more active.

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