If the name is changed, covid will disappear; Strange ad, viral

Will covid disappear if the name is changed? Anand Rao, a native of Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh, claims that it will disappear. Not just that, Anand Rao’s prediction is based on numerical astrology. Flux’s image goes viral on social media.

He says the names should be changed to CARONAA and COVVIYD-19. Boards written in this way should be displayed outside the house and in public places. With that, the corona will go not only from the Ananthapuram district but from all over the world. This is guaranteed by numerology. Flux also has solutions for any problem, including health, finances, marriage, and marriage. His picture and mobile number are with him. He also works as a stenographer in the Judicial Department.

This ad led to huge discussions on social media. One group commented that this would be a fake poster and that sometimes it was done for fun. Some have ridiculed Anand Rao, saying that he was simply spending money on vaccines and preventive measures and that Kovid could have been stopped if he had changed his name earlier.

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