Isn’t it covid time! Older people can also be taught to use a smartphone to change boredom

The second wave of covid-19 or corona virus is causing concern in India. Almost all the states in the country are on lockdown due to the ever-increasing numbers. Many people use OTT platforms to pass the time. At the same time, when many people fly to the cities for work, it is a little painful to be left alone by their parents at home. Our elderly parent’s loneliness when they are not talking to anyone and no one comes home can often lead to many psychological problems.

At the same time the growth of technology is enough to alleviate this boredom and loneliness to some extent. Many of us have bought expensive smartphones for our parents in the country but have not been told how to use them. As a result, many older people use their smartphones just to make phone calls.

If you are sitting at home on a lockdown, this is a good time to teach older people how to use a smartphone. You can also teach older parents to use a smartphone through friends if you are not out of place. Older people should first be taught the following things to make the lock down time effortless.

Turning the Internet on and off – You can start by telling them how to turn on a mobile internet connection. All you have to do is swipe from the top of the display and tap the ‘Data’ icon. It is better to teach them using the image of the ‘data’ icon.

Google Search – The Internet is the most powerful tool available to the average person. Google search helps you to access all the information in the world at your fingertips. Adults can be taught how to search on Google. It is also advisable to teach how to do it through any search engine. It also teaches you how to open websites like Wikipedia and other informative websites.

YouTube – YouTube is a major source of entertainment for all of us. YouTube has different content for each age group. There are also videos on YouTube that provide information on topics such as farming and gardening for the elderly. There are many videos available on YouTube for you to listen to and enjoy. Introducing YouTube to the elderly can also help them to some extent to escape from isolation.

Video Calling – Video calling is a way to reduce distances. Older people are more likely to want to see their children and grandchildren when they live far away. The advantage of Duo and WhatsApp video call is very useful in these cases. Even if you are physically far away, video calling can alleviate the isolation of the elderly to some extent. So we can teach the elderly how to make video calls


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