Kerosene quota on ration cards has also been slashed

Thiruvananthapuram: The government has reduced the supply of kerosene to ration card holders once in three months.

The AAY (yellow) and PH (pink) ration cards in electrified households will be given one liter and NPS (blue) and NPNS (white) cards half a litre every three months, according to the Food and Public Distribution Department. Earlier, all these category cards received half a litre per month.

The ration card of non-electrified households in these categories will be given 8 litres once in three months. Previously it was 4 litres per month.

Kerosene for the quarterly period from April to June will be available from today until June 30. Cardholders of non-electrified households will be given 4 litres this month and the remaining 4 litres next month. Kerosene is priced at Rs 41 per litre.

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