Food kits in front of the church waiting for those in need of relief; Great response

Jackfruit  and mango are commonly sold in the Church ground.. This time the routine broke and could not be sold. Fr. John transplanted it all and placed it in front of the gate of St. George’s Church in Kalady. ‘The covid crisis is known to cause famine in many homes.

If there is a need, I thought I would take it. I am happy that this has spread like a model for many across the state – Fr. John said fresh.

Goods are delivered directly to homes where hunger is known. Food kits have also been delivered to the homes of some of the Kovid patients. In addition to jaggery and mango, if you had bought kappa on the first day, things would have changed from today. A passerby in a car bought some vegetables and sambar kits from a nearby shop and left them in a row.

As the incident went viral, the locals themselves started bringing household items here. Once the essentials are lined up at the gate then no one will be in place. In the first few hours, the goods disappear from here. This means that there are people around us who need food

After the incident, a message was sent to the church members and the people in the vicinity asking them to donate extra household items. The decision was made to go in the vehicle and collect it and keep it here. There is also the opportunity to buy and donate items to it voluntarily. He said that we should not lose any food in our homes when the needy are all around us. John has something new to say.

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