Martin has a knack for choosing actors; Said by Anuradha IPS(Yama) From Nayattu

After its release on the online platform, Martin Prakat’s movie Nayat has received good  reviews from audiences. There is another thing that everyone who says that the film is the best agrees with, ‘the perfection of the characters in the film’. Each character has fallen into the hands of the most suitable actors. Joju George, Kunchacko Boban, Nimisha Sajayan and many other actors in the lead roles performed in a single shot. The most notable of these was Anuradha IPS, a crime branch officer who went on a hunt.

The character is played by actress Yama Gilgamesh. Yama is very different just like the name. Yama, who studied acting and directing, talks about the role of Anuradha and her professional life.

1. How to get to the Nayattu? Did this character come to Yama as a first choice?

They wanted a non-Malayalee to do the role. They have been searching for such a person for a long time. That’s when a friend who studied with me at the Delhi National School of Drama called. A photo of me has come to Mathrubhumi in the past. This photo was taken by Martin (Martin Prakat). He was approached for this character after seeing the photo.

I didn’t pick up the phone when he first approached for the movie. Then they contacted me. I replied that I did not want to do the film. They told me that they had been running away for this character for a long time and that nothing was right yet. I said I was not interested and tried to escape but called again. Finally I told him  I want to listen the story and tell about the character. Then they told the story. It seemed like a trouble-free story. But I was not impressed with the character at the time. I said I wanted to read part of my character as a script. They sent me the script. I didn’t feel much trouble when I read the script. I still did not say yes. Ionly said that I would tell later.

I am a person who finds it difficult to engage with the film process. Cinema is not like theater. I find it difficult to travel a lot. When it comes to movies, you have to travel a lot. That said, the process of filming is difficult. It was for these reasons that I did not immediately say yes to Martin. Two days later he called again and told me Can you see me in personal? I went and saw it. Then I said yes.

2. After learning acting and directing, Yama generally stayed away from cinema.

The process of filming still seems boring to me. I am a theater artist. Maybe that’s why the process of filming seems boring. When we are in the theater, we get the script, read it to the group, discuss it, and then develop it one by one. We have more possibilities and opportunities to improve during rehearsal time when it comes to theater performance. The same can be discussed with other actors. But not so in the movie? The possibilities for improvement are limited.

Wouldn’t it be act if you could get better characters like Hunting?

I like to do characters and movies that are very comfortable and feel great. But, sometimes the good character and the screenplay have the potential to get worse when the movie finally comes out. Sitting like this is the only thing you can do if you ever get a good character. Other than that, I am  not interested in running and filming. I have no plans to pursue a career as a professional. It’s just that there will be a professionalism to it when we do. I do not see a movie as a job. When I have no money, I go to work in a shop and make money. that’s all! Can’t we do something so passionate as ‘let it be something’? If it gets worse we will feel very sad. I don’t have a vision of doing all the characters I get and doing it for money.

4. Like Yama’s Anuradha IPS, the other characters in the hunt have received a lot of attention.

I did not go to the theater to see the movie. The movie is seen when it comes to the OTT platform. I was shocked when I saw the movie. I’ve even seen people who have been assistants in film in many shots. Martin has cast everyone. Everyone’s performance is awesome.

5. What are the films made before the Nayattu?

I was  acted in two films before. Was the main character in both. But both were not commercial films. Both are directed by Vipin Vijayan. I have already scripted with Vipin Vijayan. In 2010, I was acted in the film Chitrasutram. It was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

6. What is writing life like? No intention to make a movie?

Intends to write the screenplay. I have an idea for one or two scripts in my hand. Now busy with a novel. So there was no time to write the script. After the novel, I have to go to its workshop. The novel should be finished soon. So far, three works have been published by me. Two story collections and a novel. And the novel called Pipilika.

7. Friendship with other actors in the Nayattu

With the three main characters in the film (Joju George, Kunchacko Boban and Nimisha Sajayan) there is no need to interact in such a big way. It’s only to be seen when it comes to the set. That’s why combination scenes are so rare. We all eat together, everyone knows.

8. The untimely demise of actor Anil Nedumangad shocked the Malayalam cinema world in a big way. Yama has more combination scenes with Anil in the Nayattu. How do you remember the artist Anil Nedumangad?

There are more combination scenes with Anil (Anil Nedumangad). Anil gets into an accident and dies at the location of the movie he is doing after the nayat. It seems that the film was shot with Nayat.The  There was no great difficulty in the combination scenes with Anil. We are both theater artists, so we know a lot about that process. So it is very comfortable to stand with an actor like Anil. There was no tension as I had experience doing theater.

9. Didn’t a lot of people call to congratulate you on the hunt? What do you think?

I’m the one who wants to stay out of this crowd as much as possible. The locals are calling total! But I do not pick up the phone (laughs). When people hear this, they think, ‘Oh, this is a big event.’ But I have a good idea of ​​what I did. Those who do know how good that character is and how bad it is. There are things I felt could have been done a little better in that character. Nothing is perfect! It’s an improvement every time we do it. You can hear everyone talking about natural acting. But there is no such thing. How to act naturally? Acting means pretending. It’s not natural, it’s dancing. We accuse it of being natural. There is no perfection in art. It is wrong to say that it is perfect. Sometimes given on the hunt

10. How do you rate director Martin Prakat?

Martin is very practical. Excessively does not interfere with the freedom of the actors. Will give us space to do. He has a clear idea of ​​each scene. Everything will look very accurate. It will give you where to give instructions. If there are any unwanted things it will say exactly that. Martin has a knack for choosing actors. It can not be ignored. He has a definite look, even about the person who plays the minor character. Until the last moment, the right person for the role will be running away. The position is to be the best. Chumma will not cast anyone. If we look at the person who came in the smallest costume, we can understand it.


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