No attempt was made to enter the Friendship circle In the filim field

Surabhi Lakshmi is an actress who came for a twinkle in the eye and shed light on her unique acting in Malayalam cinema. Despite winning a national award, the actress has just started acting. Surabhi’s films will also be unlocked when the theaters reopen. Surabhi talks about the upcoming ‘Surabhi’ season and aspirations


What role does Comfort play?

Will take on any role regarding me. There is no comfort zone. The roles you do the most, will be easier with that experience. Most got the roles of the poor. Most of the calls are for characters related to the low profile. That’s easy for me. But not my comfort. I don’t want to create a comfort zone as an actress.

Received the National Award. Next wish?

In the world of cinema, I want and try nothing but acting. I wants to remain an actress as such. The struggle for survival is in all spheres. My Lady Superstars are Urvashi, KPAC Lalitha and Sukumari Amma. Because they can do whatever role they are given. As well as the desire to grow to a level where any role can be made better.

Faced any problems for getting charcters?

Is that possible? Never. This is a game of luck. When a role is clicked, it will catch our attention from that moment on. It’s important to get that role. Waiting for it.

Haven’t got such a role yet?

Never got such a role in a commercial film. Waiting for it. Hope that happens

Will Surabhi have the same experience as Salim Kumar after receiving the National Award?

Never. Salim eton had received several roles before the award. So it matters what he says. Salim Kumar is an actor who has done many comedy roles. Me and Salim ettan cannot be compared. Suraj Venjaramoodu got the role in the action hero Biju, so the audience got to see a different range of the actor. There is no point in pretending to be act in an award film if people don’t see it. The public will only accept us when we can act in a film that the audience sees. Then you will get more opportunities. I have never had such characters before. Salim Kumar and Suraj had a great cinematic background. They had a place of their own as comedians in most hit films.

But for me it’s just an actress going to act in a movie for a day or two. Many do not even know my name. I was not a full time filmmaker. She was a theater and serial actress. Not so now. The focus is on the film. It’s not.

Do you believe in the friends circle of cinema?

Definitely believe. We invite people we know to our home wedding. This  friends circle exists in all areas. You have to go to such gangs. It’s something that should happen naturally. I’m someone who believes that nothing should be done on purpose. Friendships are not used to get a chance in a movie. Many ask. Dileesh Pothen is Surabhi’s classmate. Why just crucify him. He is in the  brother position for me. We dreamed of being together while studying in Kalady. We both receive the National Award the same year. Dileesh and I have a wonderful relationship that if I will ask him for 10 lakh rupees he is ready to give me the amount.

Have you asked for opportunities in Dileesh’s film?

I had never been asked to play the lead role in a film. And will not ask. He is older than I am. I think he will call me when a role that suits me comes up. Dileesh informs me before doing all the pictures. I see all his pictures. Has been praised and criticized. The friendship with him started when there was nothing. Its sweetness is something else.

What are the upcoming films?

Padma,the heroine of Anoop Menon,Thala, Jwalamukhi, Anuradha and Poriveyil, KallanD’Souza.

How to prepare for acting?

The most important thing for acting is training. Must be studied scientifically. But we can only sign our own. Many actors do it .No one says it openly. You cannot act with desire alone.

Do you call directors for roles?

Laughs) Join a lottery … Sometimes the lot will fall. (ചെലോരതു ശര്യാകും, ചെലോരത് ശര്യാകൂല ..)


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