Addon waits for his mother for the first Qurbana

Baby Mathayi (Addon)Not yet accepted his mom’s death, he is waiting for his mom. When his mother returned home next December, the family was planned to celebrate  Matthew’s first Mass.

Matthew’s ninth birthday was last October 15. His mother had sent him gifts from Israel. When Sofi aunty (Santhosh’s sister) arrived in December, she gave the gifts sent by Soumya.

Sofi aunt told him that the first Mass would take place in December. From then on, the baby was waiting for his mother to come. Many of those who came home after hearing the news of Soumya’s death are trying to comfort Matthew. He shows them all the gifts his mother sent him.

He noticed that Soumya’s mother Savitri had been crying for several days. He often asks, “Mommy, why are you always crying like this?” Even those close by could not bear to hear it.

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