Jackie Shroff says he still has the same feeling when he saw Madhuri for the first time

All the films starring Jackie Shroff and Madhuri Dixit have garnered attention. The screen chemistry between the films 100 Days, Khalnayak, Ram Laxman, Lajja, Total Dhamal, and Devdas has been enjoyed by a large number of fans. Today (May 15) is Madhuri Dixit’s birthday, and Jackie remembers seeing the actress for the first time.

Jackie Shroff says that when he sees Madhuri Dixit today, he feels the same way he did when he first saw them. When asked about her acting experience with Madhuri Dixit, the actor said that he never knew the days would go by when he acted with Madhuri Dixit.

Jackie Shroff shared his memories of filming the song Kahe Ched Mohe from Devdas. They had to do a lot of action dynamically on that song. It was the training and discipline they gained in dance that enabled them to do so. Because the lehenga they wore was very heavy. Its weight could even cause Madhuri to lose the balance of her dance.

Like all other stars and fans, Jackie Shroff says that actress Madhuri Dixit is a miracle. Jackie Sharaf said that Madhuri’s simplicity is their best attraction. Madhuri treats even those who bring tea from the producer to the set with the same courtesy. Jackie says she doesn’t want to talk about performance on screen anymore.

When asked him  about birthday wishes, shroff wishes madhuri ‘May Madhuri be as beautiful as she is today. She is a wonder to me too. Happy Birthday. I love her and her family, “said Jackie Shroff.

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