Yumna Al sayed; without fear of missile attack in the midst of the live report

As Israel continues to massacre civilians in Gaza, including women and children, the challenges faced by journalists in covering the news are also being discussed. Women journalists, among others, work in conflict zones, threatening to lose their lives at any moment while on the job.




The video of a women journalist continuing to reporting the news live from the terrace of a building in Gaza while reporting the news there is a missile explosion happened but she continued her report without fear. the video gained attraction from all over the world.

The video of a journalist who did not panic when a missile exploded while covering the news live from the terrace of a building in Gaza, where Israel’s airstrikes are raging is getting applause. Al-Jazeera’s journalist yumna al sayyid was reported the news without securing her life.

A total of 122 Palestinians have been killed in a series of attacks since Monday. Of these, 31 are children. More than 900 people were injured. Meanwhile, the death toll from Hamas’s rocket attack on Israel has risen to seven.

In addition to airstrikes, Israel is reportedly preparing for an army strike. UN chief Antonio Guterres and others have called for an end to the violence and the restoration of peace.

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