Elephant stuck in mud puddle; rescused in Bandipur Tiger Reserve; Video viral on social media

An elephant stuck in a fresh mud puddle was rescued by officials in the Moleyur range of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. Bandipur Tiger Reserve tweeted the short clip on Sunday and it is swiftly going viral on social media.

The elephant, as seen in the clip, struggled to move as it found itself stuck in the mud puddle. It moved its legs but couldn’t get up as it was lying down in the puddle. Officials, thereafter, used a JCB Loader to push the elephant slowly as it managed to get up from the puddle and walk steadily.

As the video went viral, social media users applauded the officials for rescuing the elephant. “A little help can make so much difference,” a user said. Another comment reads, “She looks famished.”

Watch the video here:

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