Does love that only gives pain need it?

The first days of love can be a kind of curiosity. The heart yearns to know and talk to each other more. But over time, that is likely to change. When we want to talk to our partners, we feel like they don’t like it. And it seems that they ignore us and do not set aside time for us All this will bring severe dissatisfaction and pain.

Is this your relationship? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to ask yourself some questions.

What love gives

Love is about having a partner who understands everything. Be able to support each other and share pains and feelings. The belief that whoever is neglected will co-exist must be gained through love. Really think about whether you get this. Ask yourself. The answer may be no support from the partner

Feeling neglected

If love hurts, the main reason is neglect. Behave in a way that is utterly uninteresting to your phone calls and desires. It is said that I am always busy, not ready to set aside time for myself. Talking and chatting can be a sacrificial attitude.

Do you often fight and cry?

At first, it is tolerable but constant neglect can lead to quarrels and doubts. The conversation ends in tears. This is how many relationships go forward. If this is a routine then the problems can be understood to be serious.

Is there hope

Many relationships continue in the hope that the good old days will return. One endures everything and struggles to maintain a relationship. There are those who think that ending love is wrong and that everything is tolerable. Some participants take this opportunity to hurt and exploit.

Let’s make a decision

There is no point in living for someone who only gives in to grief and pain. Every relationship should be about comforting each other, not giving pain. So talk openly and understand each other and make every effort to move forward. Otherwise, end the relationship healthily. Want to waste your life for someone you can’t comprehend or understand?

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