Not Got Any Work Because of Priyanka chopra; Says Cousin Meera Chopra ka

Actress Meera Chopra’s revelations that she did not get the chance because of Priyanka Chopra.Meera Chopra said that no one has helped her in her career.Meera made the revelation in an interview with a national media outlet.

Meera Chopra made her film debut in 2005 with the Tamil film Anpe ayuire. Meera made her Bollywood debut in 2014 with Gang of Ghost.Meera who has made her presence known in South Indian films, has made it clear that she has not got any special opportunities because of Priyanka.She said she was only considered as a member of a family that knew about the film.

Priyanka’s sister Parineeti Chopra is also coming to Bollywood at the same time I came to Bollywood.To be honest I have not had any major comparisons. I haven’t had a particular opportunity because of Priyanka.No one considered me as Priyanka’s sister. To be honest, I have never received any help in my career as a relative of Priyanka.But it is true that people took me a little more seriously. Meera Chopra said.

Meera Chopra said that she was only considered to come from a family that knows about cinema. I worked very hard in the film industry. Works sincerely and honestly. I feel lucky not to be compared to anyone, “said Meera.


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