Siju Wilson and wife become parents to a baby girl

A baby born between a torrential downpour and a raging storm. The first baby of actor Siju Whitson and Shruti Kanmani was born in this background in Mumbai recently.

Siju was one of the few people who had good news during the covid crisis. Siju’s ‘Vasanthi’ won the state award for best film last year.In the same year, he became the hero of the historical film ‘Nineteenth Century’. They announced the good news to the fans by posting a picture of Siju and his wife holding a pink balloon in their hands.


‘We had a baby girl born in Mumbai  yesterday with wind and torrential rains. Thanks to nature, ‘said Siju. The couple got married in 2017.

Siju’s character in ‘Nineteenth Century’ directed by Vinayan

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