My wife is going through a very serious situation: Kootikkal Jayachandran

Actor Kootikall Jayachandran’s wife Basanti has been arrested by Covid and is undergoing treatment in critical condition. The actor himself shared this information on social media. Jayachandran says that covid is in a state of inability to breathe and is terrible.

Kottakal Jayachandran says:

Beloved,  due to covid my wife has been going through a very serious situation for days! At Kozhikode Maitra Hospital! I stand with life in my hands. That is not a sacrifice. It is a duty.

That being said, covid is not terrible!  We are the ones who make him terrible. If there are ten of us, one’s negligence is enough to make things worse! Please avoid unnecessary distractions.

The mask should be worn when talking and when someone is nearby. Even if you wear gloves, do not touch your face without disinfecting your hands. We did all this, but … we need to drink plenty of water, especially women.

Thank you to all the  CPM workers, dear friends who stand apart from politics, well-cared-for hospital staff and dear ones …

A lot of people are asking about   Basanti’s situation; Our thanks! She Can’t breathe her own  Hoping that nature will allow it …

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