New rapid Antigen test; Detect covid in saliva accurately

New research shows that saliva tests for covid-19 are accurate. Comparative studies with the RT PCR test have shown that saliva testing performed together in a large number of people provides good accuracy.

This rapid test is antigen testing using a technique called Chemical Lucent Immunosorbent Assay.

The test can be performed very quickly and the result can be obtained within 30 minutes as there is no need for doctors and health workers.

The accuracy of the test was compared in patients with covid positive and those in their immediate contact list.

The war is long. Sure. The war will continue until a good percentage of the population gets the vaccine. The method of examining hundreds of people together in Kerala as well. It is inevitable. Kits for this should be available. It’s time to start these saliva checks at airports, railway stations, bus stands and offices.

After the lockdown. It’s time for a saliva test.



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