What is written on the tattoo on the hand? Amrita Suresh answers the question

Singer Amrita Suresh’s voice has been heard by the Malayalee audience for years. As a schoolgirl, Amrita was first known to the world through the show Idea Star Singer. Gradually, everyone got to know Amrita’s family. Amrita’s younger sister Abhirami entered the world of acting through the children’s serial which was released at that time. Later, the audience saw the sisters conquering the stage together.

Amrita was replying to a question-and-answer session with fans on Instagram last day. That’s when one wanted to know what was written on the tattoo on Amrita’s hand.

. This tattoo on the left hand is very prominent in Amrita’s stage shows and so on. In some modeling pictures, however, the tattoo looks like it is covered with makeup. The question was what was written in Hindi.

It’s a name that is very close to Amrita’s life. Amrita and Abhirami started their own music band ‘Amritham Gamaya’. It seems to be written in Hindi because the letters written under a long line as if writing Hindi words.

The band was formed in 2014 by Amrita and Abhirami. Both of them are the lead vocalists of the band. Amritham Gamaya is a band that has performed in many venues. The sisters’ blog is also known as AG Vlog, short for Amritam Gamaya

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