I think I’ll end my Marriage; Manju Pillai

Manju Pillai is a well-known artist of Malayalam Cine who has done one step of the best storylines and is active on the miniscreen even though she is not very active in films now. The role of Mohanavalli was very successful in the comedy series Tattim Muttim. She made her acting debut with the  telefim Thathamme poocha poocha in 1991.

Manju Pillai is the granddaughter of famous actor Asp Pillai. It was in 2000 that the wedding of renowned cinematographer and director Sujit Vasudev took place…

They have a daughter, Daya Sujit, who lives a very happy family life. But now Manju says that even though we are a very happy family, we have decided to divorce at one time.

James and Alice, starring Prithviraj, was the first film directed by her husband. There is a scene in it where Prithviraj forgets to call his daughter from school

Manju says it happened in our lives.

Sometimes there are two people who can never cope and get married and go into an adjustment. I’m adjusting. Manju also says that I believe Sujit is the same.

The incident was like this. When I was working in the kitchen, he called from above and told me I was going to get out. So I told him, “Come quickly, it’s time to go to school.” But he didn’t hear me, where he forgot to call his daughter. Manju says it’s Miss Understanding that’s the problem among us…

But he had gone to some meeting that day and I thought I’d gone to call my daughter, and the phone was silent. I can’t get him.  My daughter didn’t come home from school. Manju says she still can’t remember the tension and distress I felt at that time… After a while, someone there brought her home.

I’m a mother, and that’s the day, and I’m lucky to have her back. But Manju also remembers that she couldn’t even thank the man who put her at home that day. Divorce was to take place that day. It was a problem at a communication gap, but there was a lot of crying and commotion that day. Manju still says with her eyes full of tears what’s the matter with me alive after the molu is gone…


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